Couleecap looking for more small business owners for downtown La Crosse business incubator

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Couleecap is giving small business owners a chance to sell their goods in downtown La Crosse.

Their new business incubator is looking for more applicants to fill up what they call The Collective on Main.

Small business owners can set up in the retail space.

Rent is incremental and starts at zero, so sellers can build up cash flow before paying for the space.

“The idea is that– as their rent grows, their revenue also increases,” said Crystal Noble, the business and income manager at Couleecap. “By the time they graduate from the program, they should be self-sufficient and ready for their own space.”

Those already set up in the retail space, like Trendccessory owner Christian Bouquet, say they’re appreciating the help they’re getting from Couleecap.

“This opportunity means a lot, it gives my business a lot of opportunity to grow and expand,” said Bouquet.

People in the space can stay for a full 12 months. They get on-site help from Couleecap.

There are four people already started, but the business is hoping to fill all 10 spots.

You can find applications and contact information on Couleecap’s website.