Couleecap celebrating new solar panels in Westby

Panels will power administrative building

WESTBY, Wis. (WKBT) – A Couleecap administrative building is being powered by the sun.

167 solar panels are operating on the roof of the building.

Couleecap held a dedication ceremony Wednesday to celebrate the installation of the solar array.

Those panels will save the organization an estimated $7,900 a year.

The panels help the group move towards energy independence and sustainability.

“Energy conservation is important, not only for the sustainability of our planet, but it helps families across our region save on their energy costs and improve health living conditions in their home,” said Hetti Brown, Executive Director of Couleecap, Inc.

Brown says the money the organization saves will go right back into programming to help the community.

Couleecap is also considering putting solar panels on its affordable rentals to help residents save on energy bills.