Coulee Region remains in ‘Severe Risk’ category for COVID-19 spread

126 People Tested Positive For Covid 19 In La Crosse County Within The Past Month

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The Coulee Region remains in the “Severe Risk” category for the potential spread of COVID-19, according to the Coulee COVID-19 Compass.
Some variables have changed, while others have remained the same, according to the weekly snapshot the La Crosse County Health Department issues each Wednesday.
Here’s how the factors stack up:
• Epidemiology: Remains red because of the number of new cases and the increase of the percentage of positive tests (From 4.4% to 6.0% in two-week periods), but the doubling time has increased from 6.5 days to 10.5 days.
• Healthcare Status: Has not changed, and overall surge indicator remains in good standing.

• Public Health Status: Continues to be red because cases and contacts are not reachable by public health within 24 to 48 hours and are not transferred to public health within 24 hours.
The Compass website contains an extensive variety of local recommendations.