Coulee Region Humane Society granted money to expand spay and neuter program

The Coulee Region Humane Society was granted money to expand its spay and neuter program. The La Crosse Community Foundation granted the Coulee Region Humane Society $11,000 to make the lives of animals that are up for adoption a little better.

“Even though this is a shelter, we still want to practice high quality medicine and still treat those animals appropriately,” said veterinarian Amy Hoscheit.

The Humane Society staff say the money is going toward new equipment, like an anesthesia machine, which would help to spay and neuter more cats, and expand that service to dogs.

“On average we do about five to 10 surgeries per week for spays and neuters. And we hope to increase that to 20 to 30, or even more. every week,” said Hoscheit.

“The idea behind being able to do all of this in-house is really saving an enormous amount of staff time, volunteer time, and just the financial aspect that we’ll be able to save doing it internally versus having them go to all the different locations throughout the community,” said Executive Director of the Coulee Region Humane Society, Heather Drievold.

The Community Foundation gets lots of submissions for their grants, but they chose to award the money to the Humane Society for a special reason.

“We were particularly moved by the humane society this round because we know that pets are such an important part of people’s homes,” said Executive Director of the La Crosse Community Foundation, Jamie Schoegel.

The Humane Society said they have around 70 animals in foster care that will be up for adoption in the coming weeks. To add a little furry friend to your family, you can visit their website at