Coulee Montessori students ‘Paint the Pavement’ in La Crosse

It's part of a project created by the students

Some Coulee Montessori students are brightening up the streets of La Crosse. 

They were out creating works of art on the streets near 9th and Division Thursday.

It’s part of “Paint the Pavement,”  a community building art project created by the students.

The students spent months planning, researching, and designing the project before submitting their idea to the city for approval.

The project incorporates all different aspects of learning just outside of the classroom.

“It’s good for like academic reasons because you like get outside and you get to see nature more, and you get to work on your drawing skills and your math skills and stuff, so it’s just a good experience,” said Coulee Montessori 6th grader Hazel Brown.

The students hope to continue the project in the future with permanent artwork on the streets.