Coulee Council on Addictions’ new facility now needs super majority in La Crosse city council

Needs 10 or more yes votes

A vote closer to home will require a super majority to avoid scrapping plans nearly three years in the making.

Proposed zoning changes in La Crosse to make way for a new Coulee Council on Addictions’ facility is receiving push back from the community. Because of that opposition, the zoning changes will require 10 or more yes votes from city council members in order to pass.

Fewer than 10 votes in favor of the proposal will force the Coulee Council on Addictions to consider other options. Coulee Council directors hope the city council will consider the future.

“We just hope that the board, the city council, recognizes the greater good that this organization could bring to the larger La Crosse city and county,” said Coulee Council on Addictions Executive Director Cheryl Hancock.

The Coulee Council on Addictions’ current facility was built more than 100 years ago.