Coulee Con gathers gamers in downtown La Crosse

The 4 th annual Coulee Con brought gamers and other hobbyists together at the La Crosse Center from Friday to Sunday.

The convention closed shop Sunday with a family-day, which included reduced admission, a ‘cos-play’ contest, and enlarged versions of games for kids to enjoy.

The event’s coordinator, Josh Hertel, said more than 600 people went to the convention this year.

He said that’s up by about 30% from last year, and that if that growth continues it might require some changes for the convention.

“I think the reason we’ve been successful is because these communities exist; they just need an opportunity to come together and to play. They don’t need anything other than a little encouragement,” said Hertel.

This year’s Coulee Con worked with non-profits to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network and area veterans.