Could your dentist give you the Covid-19 vaccine?

Wisconsin's 3,100 dentists could be added as providers allowed to give the vaccine, but there's a catch

Wisconsin dentists may be added to the list of health providers that could administer the Covid-19 vaccine.

Right now, it’s against the law for dentists to administer vaccines.

But an official with the Wisconsin Dental Association says they’ve had calls from many of their 3,100 dentists showing interest in helping to roll out the vaccine faster.

But first, lawmakers in Madison have to agree that dentists should be allowed to give vaccinations.

According to Chris Borgerding, the Director of Government Services at WDA, Assembly Bill 1 was introduced which proposed dentists be added to the list of providers who could give Covid-19 and Flu vaccines after training and education.

But even if it became legal for dentists to administer vaccines, the other hurdle is that dentists’ offices wouldn’t be equipped with the freezers needed to keep the vaccine cold.

However, being able to add thousands of dentists to the list of those able to administer vaccines could be a big help and it’s something other states have already approved.