Consultants: La Crosse Center needs renovations, more space

New lobby, new technology, new seating suggested

More space is needed for the La Crosse Center to be up to par with other regional civic centers.

That’s according to consultants hired to see what changes are needed to improve the 34 year old facility.

Their preliminary report suggested a new lobby, an upgrade in technology, and new seating in the main hall.

The consulting firm is also recommending the city look into to acquiring the Radisson Center for more space to hold events.

“That would be a natural kind of location there for any type of additional space perhaps for a building or perhaps for some outside activities. That’s becoming more and more popular among facilities around the county is that you can hold outdoor events,” said La Crosse Center Board Chair Brent Smith.

A final report will be presented to the city council and the La Crosse Center Board within the next couple of months.