Construction season begins with Losey Boulevard resurfacing project

Commuters might want to budget a few extra minutes if planning to head out on Losey Boulevard.
Construction is underway on the section of the road between State Road and Market Street.

The city is spending $850,000 to resurface part of Losey Boulevard. Travelers will need to be aware of potential delays for a majority of the summer.

“That particular stretch was in really poor condition,” said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

Kabat said it’s a start, and there will be more projects down the road.

“Our hope is for the capital budget for next year to be able to address the area south of State Road,” Kabat said. “If we can make both of those stretches over the next two years that will greatly improve Losey Boulevard for sure.”

Kabat said there are several reasons for the road’s repair.

“It’s also because of the speeds and the vibrations have caused some of the neighboring houses and property owners to notice shaking with their homes.”

He said along with construction, reducing the speed limit and changing stop light times have helped.

“You wouldn’t have some of the really heavy trucks going through there early in the morning at excessive speeds,” Kabat said.

While fixing the road is necessary, the inconvenience doesn’t go unnoticed.

“It’s not fun, I definitely have to leave a little earlier to get used to it,” said Sylvia Overgard, guest service leader at Kwik Trip.

Overgard said Kwik Trip’s Losey location has felt its impact.

“It’s definitely slowed down business,” Overgard said. “We still get our regulars but other than that it’s definitely slowed down.”

And commuters have had to make adjustments.

Holmen resident Sandra Price says she had to plan ahead.

“It’s a mess.,” Price said. “Let’s just say I took a slow way. Slower than normal.”

Kabat said delays are just part of the game.

“Either we fix the road or we don’t,” Kabat said.

Price said it’s all about budgeting time.

“You know it’s happening; just give yourself a few extra minutes. I have never been backed up that long,” Price said.

No left turns in the north or southbound lanes will be permitted at the intersection of Losey Boulevard and State Road.

Alternate routes will posted using Ward Avenue, West Avenue and Main Street.