Construction projects get a jump start for School District of West Salem

Roof work, security upgrades planned

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) – The School District of West Salem is staying busy while the school year is out of session.

Roof work is underway on part of the High School building.

Lighting is also being updated at the high school and elementary school, which will save money for the district.

The nearly three months students have been out of classrooms is providing a positive opportunity for the district’s buildings.

“We called the roofing people and said ‘we’re going to have a window here that we normally don’t have’. So we we’re able to get that done without disrupting class, because nobody was in here. So it really worked out from that stand point,” said School District of West Salem superintendent Troy Gunderson.

Work on some doorways in the high school will also take part to help improve security.