Construction on Onalaska’s Well No. 9 to begin in May

Project expected to be less than $3 million

Construction on Onalaska’s largest well is scheduled to begin in May.

The cost of the Well No. 9 project is expected to be less than $3 million, which is 10 percent less than originally expected.

The improvements to the well will allow it to filter out the high levels of iron and other elements that currently give the water a rust color.

The well will be shut down while the work is being done, but the city isn’t worried about the temporary closure.

“Hopefully we don’t have too dry a summer,” Onalaska City Engineer Jarrod Holter said. “We do have enough capacity to keep up barring any breakdowns or anything with our normal demands during the summer, but hopefully we don’t have anything go awry.”

Construction on the well is expected to be finished by April 2016.