Concert, vigil held to end gun violence

Sunday has been designated by Congress as a National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

This year an organization is taking advantage of the day to raise awareness of gun violence.

People in La Crosse are joining 256 other cities in a national movement called The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence.

The concert took place at The Root Note, Stein Haus and the Pump House with music and speeches from local leaders, including La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

One local organizer says she chose to run the event because it’s time for gun control.

“I was tired of people, Congress, faith organizations, people just saying ‘our thoughts and prayers are with Orlando’ or ‘our thoughts and prayers are with Sandy Hook.’ I said thoughts and prayers do nothing, ” Dianne Breeser, Concert Coordinator said.

The concert ended Sunday evening with a candlelight vigil at Riverside Park.