Complaint alleges illegal campaign activity by La Crosse school district employee

There’s an investigation under way involving possible illegal activity in promoting a 94th Assembly candidate.

Dave Drewes is the local chairman of Citizens for Responsible Government.

He’s filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and the La Crosse County District Attorney alleging that La Crosse School District employee Jeff Greene and the local SEIU teacher’s union are using government owned equipment and time to promote Steve Doyle’s candidacy.


Drewes says he received a copy of an e-mail that had been sent by Greene using his work e-mail account about campaign efforts for Doyle.

He says it’s illegal to use government property for campaign purposes.  “The D.A. has said that he’ll investigate it. It doesn’t offer any suggestion that the complaint is valid as far as a conviction but it’s certainly worthy of an investigation,” says Drewes.

La Crosse’s associate superintendent says they’re working to determine what action to take given the allegations of the complaint against Greene.

We tried contacting Greene, but he wasn’t available for comment.