Company involved in collapsed Florida bridge designed La Crosse area bridges as well

One of the companies that oversaw the construction of the bridge that collapsed in Florida also designed bridges in the La Crosse area.

FIGG Bridge Engineers worked on the Dresbach Bridge Project, the replacement for the I-35 bridge that collapsed in 2007, the Wabasha Freedom Bridge in Saint Paul, and the new Winona bridge.

While the recent collapse can be worrying, Minnesota DOT officials say it’s important to remember the local structures are not pedestrian bridges, they did not use the Accelerated Bridge Construction strategy, and each bridge is thoroughly inspected annually.

“Just about every year we would be sending out notices reminding motorists that there’ll be lane restrictions because out bridge inspectors will be on the bridges.”

The DOT representative says the department will be watching the Florida investigation closely to see what they can learn about the failure. He also says situations like these can mean changes for the inspection process.