Community weighs in on location and theme for new historical La Crosse museum

Potential locations for a new historical and cultural museum are being discussed for our area.

The City of La Crosse, La Crosse Museum Planning Task Force, and the UW-La Crosse Tourism Research Institute led a Museum Feasibility Study in November to gauge community interest in a new historical and cultural museum.

The results of the Museum Feasibility Study were revealed at the Museum Planning Task Force’s meeting on Monday.

The survey discovered a few places in La Crosse that would fit the community’s needs.

Most people want a downtown La Crosse location for the museum. Other locations include the closed locations of Shopko, K-Mart, and Perkins, or an area near Black River Beach.

The study also included ideas for the museum’s theme, which would have a broad display of cultures from across the area.

“There are so many awesome cultural groups that are here in La Crosse. So, letting each group use their voice to define themselves in their own way. But then also bringing all the groups together to look at what each group brings to the big picture that is La Crosse,” said Wheeler Ryder, a member of the Museum Planning Task Force and a Senior at UWL.

The project is being led, in part, by a group of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse students studying Recreational Management and helping create the vision for the historical museum as part of a class.

Ideas and locations for the new historical and cultural museum are still in the very early stages. The Museum Planning Task Force will be discussing the next Steps in January.

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