Community wears orange for Unity Day

It's a nationwide effort to raise awareness about bullying

You may have noticed a lot more people wearing orange on Wednesday than normal. It’s part of Unity Day, a nationwide effort to raise awareness about bullying. 

Students at La Crescent Elementary School took a group picture outside to come together and show they don’t support bullying at their school or in our community. 

“Whoever’s getting bullied, it’s not fun. We don’t want it to happen,” said Jack Redman, a student at the school. 

La Crescent Elementary Social Worker Nicole Garbers said teachers are always talking about kindness and working together and today they emphasized how important it is to say something when someone is being a bully. 

“Certainly kids understand the concept of someone being mean, someone not being nice to them, so they need to know what to do when that happens instead of just ignoring it and letting it happen,” Garbers said. 

Unity Day was also celebrated at La Crescent middle and high schools and at other schools in the News 8 viewing area. Check out the slideshow to see photos of people in our area wearing orange to Unite Against Bullying. 

Send us your photos! We may use them on-air and as part of hour-long special, “From Cruelty to Compassion: A Community Conversation.” It will air on October 24 at 6 p.m. on WKBT.

SLIDESHOW: See photos of News 8 viewers wearing orange to Unite Against Bullying.