Community support brings new smoked meat market to Hillsboro

HILLSBORO, Wis. (WKBT) – Mr. B’s Smokehouse Meats is the newest local business in Hillsboro.

Community leaders say they had cheese, they had beer, the only thing that was missing was meat which is what helped them secure a community development investment grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Smoked meats have always been a part of the Bisarek family.

“My wife gave me five years ago for my birthday a backyard smoker, and we started experimenting with different snack sticks and different products it kinda evolved and kinda sparked that interest and passion in this industry,” said Mr. B’s Smokehouse Meats owner, Curt Bisarek.

Curt, and his father Ken, knew it would be no easy task opening a new business in the middle of the pandemic, but when word got around town, they had support from the whole community.

“We’ve had a number of people who say thank you for doing this for our community and we really appreciate that interest in what we’re doing is we have it as a passion but to know that people appreciate the fact that we’re offering a different option for their shopping needs,” said Bisarek.

When Mr. B’s was just an idea, community leaders got involved which led to a $180,000 community development investment grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. An award that is given before shovels hit the dirt to help develop rural communities.

“By the way of community, it was proven through research and comprehensive plans by the county and the city that a meat house was necessary to fulfill what they wanted to see in their business district,” said WEDC Regional Director, Mark Tallman.

Community leaders believe this meat market will help all Hillsboro businesses.

“There’s a domino effect when they start attracting other business facades, start getting cleaned up and other businesses take advantage of this grant,” said Tallman.

For Ken and Curt, they had no idea their hobby and passion would lead the way for the rest of Hillsboro

“Really I don’t think we did see what was going to happen with the town I think we got a lot more support than we ever suspected,” said Mr. B’s Smokehouse Meats Owner, Ken Bisarek.