Community bike shop helps locals get around on two wheels

Each month La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe volunteers repair 13 bikes

The La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe works in a variety of ways. Anyone can go to the shoppe and for a low cost have his or her bike repaired. Volunteers at the nonprofit also fix up donated bikes and then sell them at a low cost for someone in need.

“It’s nice to see that your work has a direct positive impact on somebody else’s life,” said Luke Miller, a La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe volunteer. Each month Miller and other volunteers repair an average of 13 bikes. Those two-wheelers go out into the community, or back in the hands of the owner as long as they’re willing to put in some elbow grease.

“I think a lot of people have their bike and they bring it in to a bike shop and the store says, ‘Well it’s going to be $250 to repair’ and, ‘they say Forget it I’m done biking,’ and it hangs on the shelf,” Miller said. “But you can come in here get your bike fixed for a little bit more reasonable price and also learn the skills so you can be empowered to do it yourself.”

La Crescent resident Evan Tooley likes that option because at 11 years old his bike is his main set of wheels.

“This is how I get to school or how I even go to downtown or go to my grandma’s or anywhere really,” Tooley said.

However, it isn’t just the kids who want to get their bikes fixed. With more paths popping up and an environmentally conscious community, La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe volunteers said more and more people want to use bicycles to get around.

“I think people are really coming to find ways to use their bikes in ways that they never had before, so to be able to fix them, make them safe and get them back on the road that’s what we are all about,” said Linda Larson, La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe.

And they’re not going to stop until everyone has the opportunity to peddle around the community.

“I think it’d be cool if this bike shop could expand into a full-time effort,” said Miller.

If you’d like to contact the La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe call (608)790-2580.