Common vaccine could protect kids from cancer

HiB vaccine used for meningitis has added benefits

A common vaccination could protect your kids from cancer.

New research shows that the HiB vaccine that protects against meningitis has the added benefit of lowering a child’s risk of getting the most common type of leukemia.

Research in mice showed the HiB bacteria can trigger the enzymes that can lead to leukemia. By getting the vaccine children are protected from that risk.

While the vaccine has been around for 30 years doctors are just now discovering its wider impact.

“This vaccine actually is not immunizing you against cancer, it’s because that you don’t get the infection originally that makes it that you’re not getting the cancer. … It makes a huge difference. That’s hundreds of kids not going to get leukemia who might’ve gotten it in the past,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Doctor CJ Menagh.

Leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer.