Comic book stores look to attract readers following Avengers: Endgame

After two weeks in theaters, “Avengers Endgame” has made more than $2 Billion, showing that comic movies can dominate the box office.

But what about comic books?

“We’ve definitely seen a big boom in the industry,” stated Heather Betthauser, clerk of River City Hobbies.

In the last five years, comic books have seen a near $80 million growth in year to year sales possibly thanks to the movies. However, sales have fallen in the last two years. While many watched the latest “Avengers” movie, not nearly as many are reading the “Avengers” comic book.

“The movies are quite different from the books themselves, so what we find is even though you like the “Avengers” movie, it doesn’t mean that the current line-up is going to be exactly your thing,” elaborated Betthauser.

“I don’t read enough comics to know where that is, I think they’re two completely different things and I don’t think it’s fair to compare them,” explained UWL Freshman Wriley Hofner.

While the movies do have people interested.

“I haven’t read the comics, I kinda want to though,” expressed UWL Student Coleman Maher.

Potential comic book readers simply don’t know where to start.

“I watched a lot of videos about the comic books, and I think there’s just so many I think that definitely is a bit daunting,” added Maher.

“That’s a huge issue in the industry and that’s what we’re here for,” advised Betthauser.

What seems to be needed for someone to get into comics is a guide to show them the books that won’t confuse a first-time reader.

“I just started with the ones that people recommended [to] me. Like this a story, read this, and I kinda read through that and I kept going from there,” explained Horfner, on how he got into comics.

And if you’re the first of your friends to read comics, stores like River City Hobbies are happy to help you get started.

“That is our job. You get to come in here and tell us ‘I really like this movie what can you tell us.’ We can kinda give you suggestions from there and suggest things maybe you haven’t thought of before.”

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