College students offer amends after Oktoberfest incident

LA CROSSE, Wis. — By all accounts, it was a relatively successful 2011 Oktoberfest.

Although, there was that one incident last Saturday near the UW-La Crosse campus.

Homemade video shows students throwing a PVC pipe, a dead squirrel, and beer bottles back and forth. The incident happened at house parties near the intersection of Vine Street and West Avenue.

Some college students say the images are not something to be proud of.

That’s why on Sunday, students gathered on the UW-La Crosse campus for a post-Oktoberfest cleanup. Geared with gloves and garbage bags, they headed out into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Matthew Otto, a sophomore at UW-L, says he wants to help show another side of the student body.

“I’m hoping to send out the message that….yes there were some of them that were part of the event, not all of us were,” said Otto.


One of the groups of students involved in the cleanup headed back to where the now infamous incident happened. They even found a piece of the PVC pipe still laying in the gutter.

“I’m out here cleaning up today because you know these are my streets. I live on this street and i like to see my streets look nice,” said Levi Johnson, one of the volunteers.

“We have to put up with people being dirty and partying all the time. People can party as long as they work hard and clean up after themselves,” he added.

The streets near campus are now quiet and almost completely clean.

“I know that our students are different from what was represented last weekend and I’m glad to see a different face put to them,” said Paula Knudson, UW-La Crosse’s Dean of Students.

The UW-La Crosse Student Association is planning on making the post-Oktoberfest cleanup an annual event.