Collaboration aims to improve tourism in the Coulee Region

Tourism officials have goal of creating one organization representing entire area

A joint effort to promote tourism throughout the Coulee Region could be in place sometime this year.

Tourism officials from local communities have been meeting for the past year with the goal of creating one organization representing the entire area. The goal is to avoid overlapping community promotions to save money.

The group has been narrowing down where to set up, what to call themselves, and how much money municipalities would contribute. To get help on determining a location the committee worked with Kwik Trip to figure out where the busiest place is for people passing through town.

“A very quick consensus that if we wanted to get the best bang for our buck and get the most visibility, that doing something around Exit 3 for a joint effort would really work out best,” said Joint Tourism Committee Vice Chair Pat Stephens.

The committee could have a preliminary plan out at the end of February.