Cobb plays through the pain

Wide receiver is recovering from sprained right shoulder

Randall Cobb knew it was going to hurt, and he was right.

The Green Bay Packers wide receiver went into Sunday’s 31-23 victory over the Chicago Bears knowing that his sprained right shoulder, injured in an Aug. 29 preseason game, would be an issue for him. Despite a harness and additional padding, he knew that despite his best efforts to avoid direct contact, he’d be playing in pain much of the afternoon.

And that’s exactly what happened – although it didn’t stop him from catching a team-high five passes (for 38 yards and a touchdown) and playing 54 of the Packers’ 60 offensive snaps.

“It started to bother me more as the game went on, but I knew it was going to happen. The more catches I had, the more hits I took, I tried to dodge them the best I could,” said Cobb, who practiced on a limited basis all week and had vowed all along to play in the game. “Obviously I was a little bit [apprehensive]. I just had to fight through it and find different ways to do what I needed to do.”

For instance, on Cobb’s 5-yard touchdown catch from Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter, Cobb caught the ball and was tumbling toward the ground with his right shoulder headed for impact when he tried to contort his body to lessen the blow.

“I tried my best to dodge as many as [hits] I could and fall different ways when I could. When I caught the touchdown, I was kind of falling toward that way and I tried to flip my body the other way,” Cobb said. “Just trying to do the best I could.”

How long it’ll take Cobb to get back to 100 percent is unclear, but in at least one other way, the injury affected him: There were certain routes that the Packers didn’t send Cobb on because of the exposure his shoulder would have had to impact.

“We talked about maybe a couple routes we didn’t maybe feel great about,” Rodgers said. “But he’s a great player. He pushed through an injury and I’m really proud of him for doing that. He made a great route adjustment and catch for the touchdown. He had a couple of catch and runs as well that set us up for some shorter yardage and also for the fourth-and-1 conversion. I’m proud of him. He’s a tough guy, he’s a great player and a great teammate.”