Cleaners to go 5/2/11

Reported by Martha Koloski |






Spilling ketchup on your shirt can cause more than a nasty stain. “People get a bad impression of you. You
look dirty, unkempt.” Lots of instant stain removers promise to help. Consumer Reports tested six, including the top
seller, Tide to Go. They ranged in price from two to five dollars. Testers put the spot cleaners through a tough
challenge with hard-to-remove stains, such as gravy … wine … cola … ketchup, and tea. They blot each stain right away
with a washcloth, then use one of the spot cleaners. In all, the tests covered five different types of fabric,
including cotton and polyester. Sun & Earth claims its “natural enzymes break down stains on contact” and that it
“removes over 35 types of stains.” Bob Markovich, “Sun & Earth did the worst of all the cleaners. It didn’t do well
on red wine or gravy stains, hardly a stellar performance!” And while all the other cleaners did a pretty good job
removing cola, Sun & Earth couldn’t always get it out. “None of the cleaners could completely remove all the
stains, but three did better than others.” These stain removers from CVS, Walgreens, and Tide all tied for the top
spot. The CVS Instant Stain Remover costs the least. At two dollars, it’s worth having on hand the next time you make a
mess. “