City votes to put more money into Bliss Road

Public Works approved nearly $100,000 of repairs

The city of La Crosse is putting more money into repairs near Bliss Road.

The Board of Public Works approved nearly $100,000 of repairs Monday to help prevent further erosion that could affect Forest Hills Golf Course and the Hixon Forest trails.

About three million dollars has already been poured into the troubled road up Grandad Bluff since 2008.

Another issue with the road arose after heavy rains in April caused a mudslide in another area of the slope which could affect the road itself soon.

Engineers say that fix could cost the city half a million dollars and ultimately it will be up to the city council and the mayor whether they want to keep spending money on repairs.

“Us engineers, yeah, we’re usually the first ones that see the problems and realize how expensive it’s going to be to fix them, and the current problem we have with the big landslide we’re estimating right now it’s going to be a little over 500 thousand to repair it. Now, do we want to sink another 500 thousand dollars into Bliss Road, yes or no? That’s not an engineering question,” says Bob Haines who is the Assitant Director of La Crosse Public Works.

The city’s Finance and Planning Committee will consider the city’s options for Bliss Road at their meeting next week.