City only half-follows consultant’s advice on council cutdown

Outside consultant recommended 8-member city council

The La Crosse City Council is set to make their downsizing official with a vote Thursday night.

Shrinking the council was a suggestion from a consultant the city is paying upwards of $20,000. The consultant was tasked with finding ways to save the city money and run more efficiently.

The consultant recommended cutting the council down to 8 members. The city ultimately decided to only follow half of that advice, trimming the council to 13 instead.

“If we are looking at making the reduction, we should do it, and follow the recommendations,” said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat. “Sort of my perspective, or what I’ve heard from that council is that that is a drastic difference.”

The city would use the county board’s district map to help divide La Crosse.

The County board has 13 representatives for the city of La Crosse — the same number the city council will have if the cut passes Thursday.