City officials pick developer for northside La Crosse housing project

Milwaukee company picked to develop Kane Street lot

Help for La Crosse’s homeless is one step closer to becoming a reality.

As News 8 reported on Monday, the city is considering selling an empty half-block of Kane Street on the north side for the price of one dollar. That plot of land would then be used for a housing development aimed at reducing homelessness in that part of the city.

Wednesday night, La Crosse’s Community Development Block Grant Committee chose a developer for the project, picking Impact Seven out of Milwaukee.

Their proposal would include a total of 57 units, with some being set aside to get homeless people back on their feet.

“We believe as a city that our affordable housing shouldn’t all be in one place,” said La Crosse Community Development Administrator Caroline Gregerson. “So what’s great about this project is that it will have a variety of units and a variety of income levels and people that will live there, including several people that are homeless.”

The development would include on-site case management services for the homeless, in order to help them find a permanent home.

Plans for the project still have to be approved by La Crosse’s city council and tax credits from the state need to be secured before construction can begin. The city hopes to start construction sometime in Spring 2018.