City of La Crosse to provide relocation expenses for those displaced by public safety center project

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Discussion over a potential new Public Safety Center in La Crosse continued during a Finance & Personnel Committee meeting on Thursday.

To build the center, the city will have to buy up multiple homes on a southside city block, in the area of Ferry, Market, and 4th streets, as well as 5th Avenue.

Community members want to know what will happen to the residents who will be evicted because of this project.

Fire Chief Ken Gilliam says relocation expenses will be provided to those who are displaced.

He says the department is going to make sure residents have the resources they need.

“I speak for the fire department and I think the whole city, we want these fire stations and police station to be anchors to the community. We’re looking at building community spaces into them, we’re looking to incorporate other city services so people don’t have to drive to City Hall. There are some exciting plans,” Chief Gilliam said.

The budget also has money saved for other projects, including replacing Fire Station 4 on the northside and building a new fire station on Mormon Coulee Road.

In addition, Gilliam says the department is looking into building low-income housing around or above fire stations 1 and 4 to make up for lost housing.