City of La Crosse requiring all boats removed from Municipal Harbor by December 1

Boats kept at the La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor need to be removed from the slips immediately.

The city, which owns the land, is requiring all docks be removed by December 1.

A new company recently acquired the docks and buildings located at the boat harbor in bankruptcy court, but they currently don’t have a lease with the city for the land and therefore can’t enter into contracts with slip holders.

Slip holders were notified yesterday that they have to move their boats.

“The city, the City Council, Park and Rec, everybody listened to us. They gave us answers. They actually gave us positive feelings. They were going to have our back. They were going to take care of us. They weren’t going to do what they’ve just done. Now I’m being evicted, almost like I’m being a criminal,” said La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor Resident Mike Berger.

The company that now controls the business of the harbor began removing the docks Thursday and will finish in the next 30 days.