City of La Crosse plans to make ‘Bike Boulevard’

Plan is part of the Green Complete Street Ordinance

City planners are trying to make La Crosse more bike-friendly.

It’s part of an ongoing project known as the Green Complete Street Ordinance

The ordinance was created about three years ago to help improve street conditions as a whole.

One of the projects being introduced is a pilot program called a “Bike Boulevard” on 17th Street between Main and State streets. The goal is to create more opportunities for bike traffic without disrupting vehicles on the road.

“17th Street would be a bike thoroughfare right parallel to 16th which would be our traffic thoroughfare. So you put in devices that would limit people wanting to drive on an area that’s very easy for bike to drive,” said La Crosse Assistant City Engineer Bernard Lenz.

If the project is successful the city plans to extend the length of the boulevard in the future.