City of La Crosse officials praise organizers, participants for their peaceful protest through downtown

Img 6212LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Mayor Tim Kabat and Police Chief Shawn Kudron shared their response to Friday night’s peaceful protest in Downtown La Crosse.

Hundreds of people walked through the streets with signs, honoring George Floyd’s life and calling for an end to racial injustice.

In it, they praise the organizers and participants for their peaceful behavior.

Here is the full statement:

“Dear La Crosse Citizens: This week we were appalled and deeply saddened by the news from Minneapolis that George Floyd senselessly lost his life to the actions and inactions of police officers.

Once again, our nation is struggling to understand why an African American citizen lost his life at the hands of those who were sworn to protect the community.

The La Crosse Police Department’s mission is to be leaders in providing a safe and vibrant community.

To accomplish this mission, our officers dedicate themselves to treat every member of the La Crosse community with dignity and respect.

We have worked hard at developing strong relationships with all of our citizens, but we know we can do better.

Mr. Floyd’s death will cause people to question their faith and trust in those who are sworn to protect them.

We understand this and the feelings of anger, hurt and sadness.

However, we want to assure the La Crosse community that the La Crosse Police Department is committed to engaging with you and building relationships to break down trust gaps by providing quality service and protection.

The bedrock of quality policing in any community is public trust.

A police department achieves public trust through integrity, transparency, and high ethical behavior.

Quality policing serves a very important role in all communities across our great nation, but senseless deaths at the hands of the police need to stop.

Last night we witnessed a peaceful protest here in La Crosse, celebrating the life of George Floyd and calling for justice.

We are appreciative of the organizers and participants and their peaceful behavior.

We look forward to working with other event organizers to make sure their voices are heard and they and the La Crosse community stay safe.

Our thoughts are with George Floyd’s family and loved ones and all those who have been impacted by this incident.”