City of La Crosse looks at fee policy for new users

The city of La Crosse is looking at adding a fee for new connections to its sewer system.

The idea is to charge new users a fee to send its sewage to the water treatment facility on lsle la Plume.

The residents would pay an upfront fee of about $730, in addition to their regular water bill. The fee was determined in part by average flow rates.          

The city’s utility manager looks at the fee as a buy-in for new users.

“Basically the idea being, people in the city and actually some of our other customers paying for the treatment process all along. They’ve been supporting it and then to have other areas that would come in and contribute flow without ever having kind of the buy in concept,”  Mark Johnson, utilities manager for La Crosse.  

The proposal will now go to the city’s Finance and Planning department next month.