City of La Crosse consolidating two more departments

The City of La Crosse continues to try to make the work inside City Hall more efficient.

The Common Council voted Thursday night to fold the City Assessors department into the office of Planning and Development.

Officials say the upcoming retirement of the city’s chief assessor presented the opportunity to merge two departments which already work together closely.

No other positions in that department will be eliminated during the transition.

Director of Planning and Development Jason Gilman says the move will allow the city to save some money at a time when they’re investing in many development projects.

“We have a lot of projects going on in the city and new investments, and that means sometimes we have to look for these efficiencies and realignments to make sure that we can handle all of that,” said Gilman.

The council also approved a resolution to merge the human resources department into the finance department, due to the retirement of the city’s human resources director.

The changes will take effect on October 1st.