City of La Crosse agrees on developer for former naval reserve site

The city of La Crosse has a plan for the future of the former naval reserve center site and the developers to complete it. 

The Housing Rehabilitation Committee chose Shelter Development Corporation, a branch of Gerrard Hoeschler, to build a pocket neighborhood in the empty lot near 22rd and Green Bay Street.

The company will be partnering with Spies construction to develop the site into what’s called “The Gardens.”

Their ideas fit with the city’s concept plan created a couple of years ago, consisting of several small cottage-like homes with a shared green space.

The new developer says the project will honor the history of what the lot once was.

“The project is finally going to bring the Naval Reserve back to what we’ve been hoping for as a community, single family homes that are consistent with the neighborhood. We also have kind of a unique feature. We’re going to incorporate a main building which will have two apartments for disabled vets,” said the president of Shelter Development and Gerrard Hoeschler.

The developer hopes to have 8 homes completed by 2018.