City looks to public for input on Memorial Pool

Survey asking 22,000 residents about their thoughts

Some La Crosse residents get to weigh-in on the future of Memorial Pool.

The city sent out a survey in mid-July to about 3,000 random households. The hope is to gather information for the city’s new pool committee which will focus on several options; close the pool, make a smaller pool in the current location, restore the current pool or build an all-season aquatics center.

According to one city official, now is the perfect time to ask for the public’s opinion.

“Doing it six months ago wouldn’t have been effective. We didn’t know what we were doing full at that time, so now that we know the direction we’re going and we have the money and the budget for it, we want to make sure we’re able to move on this and actually make something that’s worthwhile,” said La Crosse City Council 3rd District Ryan Cornett.

The city is working with the UW-La Crosse political science department to make sure the survey is unbiased and professional.