City Hall parking may change in La Crosse

Employees have 30 days to give feedback on ideas

The city of La Crosse is getting feedback from its employees on how to deal with the lack of parking at city hall.

Right now there are multiple options on the table. One is to lease parking spots from the Chamber of Commerce across the street from city hall. Other ideas include parking city vehicles at other city owned sites in La Crosse.

There is also talk of using the Oktoberfest grounds parking lot as extra space to park. The city is also looking at expanding its own parking lot and possibly charging employees and visitors to park.

“We would have to install some parking meters for the visitors. For our own employees we would simply sell passes. We have about 270 employees working here,” said La Crosse Assistant Director of Public Works Robert Haines.

There’s a 30 day window for employees to give their feedback on the plan.