Citizen’s Prosecution Program: Lessons on Criminal Justice for the Community

DA Tim Gruenke teaches class about local prosecution

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The community is getting an inside look at how our county’s criminal justice system works.

La Crosse County District Attorney, Tim Gruenke, is hosting a Citizen’s Prosecution Program.

The first class took place on Tuesday at the La Crosse Northside Community Policing Center, on St. James Street.

Lessons are designed to help the public better understand criminal justice, and the complexity of local prosecutor’s jobs.

Gruenke says there is a high interest in how La Crosse County’s court system works, and this program offers a perfect outlet for the community’s questions.

“How we issue charges, how we decide bond, how we decide sentences, some of the other issues in our system like drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault – just things like that, that people really want to know more about but don’t have the opportunity to learn it anywhere else,” says Gruenke.

Citizen’s Prosecution Program has 3 different sessions throughout the winter. Unfortunately, the classes have already been filled.

According to Gruenke, there could be more in the near future.