Chippewa Falls woman assists building website to help displaced Ukrainians reunite with their families

The website, called, translates to "Where Are You?"; according to the U.N., more than three million Ukrainians have fled from the Russian invasion

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WKBT) – According to the United Nations, the Russian invasion has forced more than three million Ukrainians to flee to neighboring countries.

Many families are displaced because of the war.

“And then they don’t know,” Chippewa Falls resident at co-founder Kate Larson said. “Are they lost? Or has the unspeakable happened to them? So, what they need to know is where are you.”

This is where Larson comes in.

At the request of the Ukrainian IT Army, Larson is part of a cyber-security group that quickly helped build a website to help displaced Ukrainians reunite with their families.

“This team put it together in a weekend,” Larson said. “And that’s a huge, huge feat.”

The website launched just a week ago.

It’s called, which in Ukrainian, translates to “Where Are You?”.

“And that’s what De Ty is,” Larson said. “So De Ty is a platform to find you. Where are you? Where Am I? I want to be found, or I want to find my loved one.”

The website itself is quite simple. You can type in your own or someone else’s name, and the website will tell you if your loved one has been found.

“Ten-thousand sign-ups by this morning, I think,” founder Guise Bule said. “They just keep pouring in.”

It’s known lots of people are signing up.

But Bule says it’s unknown how many are reunited.

“We’re a little bit blind right now,” Bule said. “We’ve had a few emails saying ‘thank you. I found who I was looking for.’ But we’re still building in the metrics that allows us the visibility, and we’re building in a button so you can click I found this person.”

Bule says the Russians are pouring in violent threats to the platform as well.

“We’re just trying to help Ukrainians,” Bule said. “How could people threaten us with that? It’s just incredible. We just don’t understand.”

But Larson assures they are legit.

“We’re fine though,” Larson said. “We have a good team.”

Trying to do good things.

Bule says another feature is coming soon called “I Need Help.” It will be available for people who are looking for food or medical care.

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