Children’s Museum hosts Science Festival for area kids

Event teaches kids about science through fun experiments

Area kids were getting a hands-on lesson in science Thursday, but they were nowhere near a classroom.

Children and their families were taking part in the Wisconsin Science Festival at the Children’s Museum of La Crosse Thursday. The event is a chance for children to explore the science world through fun experiments.

Kids spent the day working with water colors and learning about static electricity.

Organizers say it’s a perfect way to combine learning and play time into one fun experience for the kids.

“Science and play go hand and hand. I remember chemistry as a high school student and kind of feeling like we were playing. It’s the same thing at the Children’s Museum. It’s all hands on learning and science just fits right in,” said Children’s Museum of La Crosse Executive Director Anne Snow.

This is the fourth year of the Science Festival and it runs through Sunday.