Child tax credit coming for families in La Crosse area, across U.S.

More details are available on the IRS website.

UNDATED (WKBT) – The check is in the mail for millions of American Families.

Starting Thursday, the IRS will pay half the total Child Tax credit amount in advance, monthly payments.

The other have will be credited when families file this year’s income tax return.

“It’s designed to assist parents and guardians to help with additional childcare costs. Additional costs in regards to if they have daycare,” Wipfli LLP partner Mary Joe Werner.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin held a roundtable discussion hosted by Chair Ben Wikler featuring parents in the state.

La Crosse parents Gregory and Jillian Schams joined in to talk about what the tax credits mean to them.

Jillian says, “having kids is wonderful, but it is expensive and so we’re just excited to receive the extended child tax credit, which can now go towards groceries, clothes, activities, and other essentials.”

The families of 1,159,000 children will be getting these payments.

More details are available on the IRS website.