Chief suspends use of fire trucks for basketball team escorts after complaints

Shullsburg used fire trucks to escort team home

Noise complaints after the Shullsburg boys basketball team was escorted into the city after making it into the state basketball tournament are prompting the Shullsburg Fire Department to suspend the use of fire trucks for such purposes.

The team was escorted back into Shullsburg after advancing to the state semifinals. It was a major victory for the Miners who haven’t been to state since 1991.

The fire department released a statement on Facebook saying the fire chief has suspended the use of fire emergency vehicles for anything other than emergency calls.

The statement said the police department received several complaints about excessive use of horns and sirens on Saturday night when the team was escorted home.

“It was overwhelming. We were just standing in awe,” coach Mark Lierman said.

The Shullsburg community wanted to celebrate the victory with the team, and many came out to welcome them back home.

“It was so fun,” said Lance Lierman, a senior on the team. “People just wanted to let the whole town know what we did.”

But the celebration fell flat for some, who complained about the noise.

“It’s kind of a shame that some people were mad at that, but I understand. It was 12:30 a.m. so people were tired,” said Noah Wand, a senior on the team.

Lierman said he isn’t too worried about the noise situation and hopes the tradition is restored so future teams can enjoy it.

The boys team is in the WIAA tournament and is playing for a Division 5 state title next weekend.