Chief Deputy announces candidacy for Winona County Sheriff

Ron Ganrude filed for candidacy May 20

Winona County Sheriff Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude filed his paperwork to run for the Winona County Sheriff on Tuesday morning.

Ganrude has been in law enforcement for more than 34 years, beginning in 1980 when he was hired by the City of St. Charles as a patrolman. He has worked for the Winona County Sheriff’s Department since 1986.

“I worked my way through the ranks as a Deputy, Lieutenant and for the past 15 years as Chief Deputy,” Ganrude said in a statement. “Sheriff Brand has been my friend and mentor throughout my career. I have worked closely with him through the years and taken over supervisory duties as needed.”

If elected as the Winona County Sheriff, Ganrude said he will focus on the following areas:

Technology—”We need to keep up with advancements in technology. I intend to focus on Internet crimes that target children.”
Collaboration— “I will increase the availability of our expertise and resources to other law enforcement agencies when they may need assistance.”
Community Policing—”Working closely with the citizens is essential to the success of law enforcement. To keep a safe and secure county community we need to continue to work on the relationships the Sheriff’s Office has with the communities and citizens.”
Overnight Supervisor—”Because we have not had any direct (on-duty) supervisors for several years, I will work with our County Personnel Department and the County Board toward providing a night supervisor for the Deputies.”

Victim Services—”We will listen to victims, inform them of case progress, help them tap into area resources, and serve as their guides through the sometimes difficult and confusing criminal justice system. We will work to ensure that no crime victim in the County feels out of touch or out of options.”

Three other people have announced they are running for Winona County Sheriff: St. Charles Mayor Bill Spitzer and Winona County Sheriff’s investigators Ron Averbeck and Kraig Glover.

Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand announced Monday he will not seek another term and will retire. He has been Sheriff in Winona County for the past 16 years and has been in law enforcement for 44 years.