Chef teaches healthy eating habits to La Crescent students

Healthy eating habits are being taught to some local students.

A chef from Mayo Clinic Health System taught La Crescent-Hokah elementary students how to prepare a Tomato Basil salad.

The recipe was chosen for the Coulee Region Farm-to-School program’s January ‘Harvest of the Month’ which is basil.

The fourth graders were also taught about kitchen safety and hand hygiene.

The executive chef says it’s important to teach these lessons early.

“Today’s market is all about quick and easy, and ‘How can we get in and out fast?’ People forget many times that vegetables and cheese and fruit can be quick and easy. It’s just we have to teach our youth to keep that moving forward,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Executive Chef Heather Vanhorn.

She also says teaching these healthy food habits can help prevent obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases for kids.