Changes to celebrating ‘The Axe’

Andersen wants to prevent last year's near rumble

Gary Andersen says last year’s Badger-Gopher confrontation at the goal post came very close to “going south in a lot of directions.”

That’s why there’s going to be a change in the post-game procedure of celebrating after the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game Saturday at 2:30 PM at Camp Randall.

The Axe will be presented to the winning team in the end zone nearest to that team’s lockerroom. That will give the other team a chance to leave the field and prevent something like last year’s confrontation.

If the Gophers win, the Axe will be delivered to their lockerroom while the Badgers clear the field.

If the Badgers retain the axe, they’ll go to the lockerroom and bring it back on the field to celebrate with their fans after the Gophers leave the field.

“I’m going to do my part to make sure it’s right and the traditions are still upheld with the axe,” Andersen said Monday. “The kids can celebrate the way they need to celebrate when they win.