Change of command for UW-La Crosse’s ROTC

Capt. Pendleton takes over for Lt. Col. Hill

There’s a new leader training future military officers at UW-La Crosse.

Captain Chris Pendleton was given the ROTC Eagle Battalion Commander role at a change of command ceremony Tuesday morning. He’s taking over for Lieutenant Colonel James Hill who’s taking on a role with the Army reserve in North Carolina.

The ROTC program trains college students to become leaders in the army. Pendleton plans to carry on the program’s tradition.

“We’re putting quality leaders into the army so we do have a good program and I just intend to maintain what we’ve been doing,” Capt. Pendleton said.

“I think Capt. Pendleton is going to do a great job, he’s already been here for a few semesters, so he knows his way around campus and what we’re all about,” said UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow.

The program also includes students from Viterbo, Winona State, and St. Mary’s University. About 15 graduate from the program every year.