Chances for some isolated thunderstorms tonight -Isabella Hulsizer

Tonight’s Forecast 

Chances of thunderstorms are possible in the darker green shade on the map. A couple of these thunderstorms could be stronger or severe with the threat of gusty winds and some hail. Temperatures will stay on the warmer side tonight, only dipping to the 60s. We’ll have some breezier winds as well. Humidity could stick around, so it would pay off to keep the windows closed tonight. The storm timeline is looking to be between midnight until early tomorrow morning.

2020 Spc Severe Today Dma 2020 Evening 8 To 8

Tomorrow things will cool down a bit with the introduction of a cold front, bringing us back down to 70 degree temperatures. We could have a couple lingering thunderstorms, but overall tomorrow will be overcast.

2020 Next Day 8 To 8