Chancellor Gow addresses UWL faculty and staff

UW La Crosse’s Chancellor is hoping to start the school year off on a high note.

Chancellor Joe Gow met with faculty and staff Wednesday for his annual all-university address. The goal is to highlight both the positives and negatives impacting the university. While the campus continues to grow in both student population and infrastructure, there is still concern over recent budget cuts to UW System.

The chancellor says the cuts have been more severe than ever imagined.

“It’s been something of an experiment, let’s see how far we can cut UW. I think people are going to see this is not healthy, not promoting quality, and I’m optimistic that in the next budget cycle, we’ll see legislators with a little more understanding of what we’re facing,” said Chancellor Joe Gow.

Students will start moving back to campus Thursday, classes officially start next Sept 8th.