Championship game close call for Vikings fans

Some Vikings fans thought that the team was doing especially well this year in an attempt to make history as the first team to play the Super Bowl at its own field.

They’ve been watching and waiting to see if the Vikings could pull through. Schmitty’s Time Out Tavern has had a pretty packed house all season long.

“These guys they truly know how to party and you see it with the skol chants that go on,” said Bill Schmitz, owner of Schmitty’s.

It’s this kind of atmosphere that brings Wisconsinite Mauricio Peterson and his family over the border to La Crescent.

“I love coming over to the La Crescent side to be around Viking fans,” Peterson said.

While there was some time to go before kick off, these fans were eagerly awaiting the result of the New England and Jacksonville game,

“Apparently we want to play the Jaguars. But I feel like we could pretty much beat both teams,” said Summer Niemeier.

Not everyone was feeling quite as confident going into the game.

“I know everyone here is really excited. I’m just trying to stay level and just hope for the win,” Peterson said.

By halftime, that excitement died down a bit.

“I think we can still pull it off. There’s still plenty of time,” said Bart Pedretti.

But if it’s one thing these fans know for certain, anything can happen.

“Last Sunday was incredible. And I’m praying to God that we can pull through for this Sunday,” Pedretti said.

It wasn’t enough to keep the team from suffering a crushing loss. But there is always next year.

“As a Vikings fan, we’ve had a lot of letdowns over the years. Just having a chance to be in the Super Bowl is a big deal,” Schmitz said.