“Cereal Domino Effect” teaches Blair-Taylor students importance of giving

BLAIR, Wis. (WKBT) – Nearly 1,500 boxes of cereal went tumbling down in the Blair-Taylor Elementary School gym Tuesday.

Though it sounds like the beginning of a school prank, it was actually for a great cause.

The Blair-Taylor School District challenged the community to donate boxes of cereal for local food pantries.

They were asked to drop them off at the elementary school so students could create a “Cereal Domino Effect” – teaching kids that when people come together to help others, it leaves a lasting impact.

This ended up being a perfect example of community kindness because the school almost tripled its initial goal of 500 cereal boxes, collecting a total of 1,469!

Plus, it’s very fitting that the event happened Tuesday because it’s National School Breakfast Week.